What if we could deem an individual’s nutritional and
lifestyle behavior from a 30 second biometric testing device?

The answer is we can! The BioPhotonic Scanner is the only noninvasive means to accurately measure cellular antioxidant levels. Antioxidants protect our DNA and cells from free radicals damage. The BioPhotonic Scanner, using Nobel Prize Award winning science, accurately measures these levels.
Unlike blood serum analysis which is invasive, expensive and can be manipulated day to day, the BioPhotonic Scanner provides an accurate baseline score of an individual’s nutritional lifestyle. The score is reflective of the past 45-60 days, at a fraction of the cost. Dr. Oz called the BioPhotonic Scanner “The ultimate nutritional lie detector test”.

The BioPhotonic Scanner test is quick, easy,
inexpensive & accurate!


Is your wellness program complete? It’s not enough just to
know your biometric scores. Our programs promote
long-term behavioral changes while improving your scores, increasing health, happiness and productivity.

Corporate Health Alliance products and services deliver an unmatched level of personalization and results. Our programs and products help you lower healthcare costs and create a new paradigm at your company or in your home by truly impacting our clients on a personal level.
We optimize the experience for the end user and company by taking it a step further than traditional wellness providers. Whether fully comprehensive or focused on subjects such as stress management, weight loss/exercise or even tobacco cessation, our programs are tailored to the needs of our clientele. Whatever your needs, our nutritional platform is the missing component to your comprehensive wellness program.
Corporate Health Alliance offers a solution to understanding and measuring nutritional health non-invasively and efficiently. We provide data integration with your other biometrics. Our 90 Days to Wellness health coaching program is progressive and interactive. Whether presented in conference format or in a 1 on 1 setting, 90 Days to Wellness promotes continuous and long term engagement while driving life-long behavioral changes.

Our integrated product line was developed specifically to
address the challenges businesses face today.

Our products help you minimize rising healthcare costs and maximize return on corporate wellness investments while improving your workforce culture, production, retention, and recruitment of the best in class employees. Solutions are available for any business goal, whether it be hands-on integration, a scalable digital solution, or an impactful executive leadership wellness program.
Corporate Health Alliance can meet your needs on any scale whether you are a small business or a corporation, a private clinic or a hospital, we love working with our clients even on the individual level. Corporate Health Alliance has the solution.

Helping People Help Themselves.


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